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July 1, 2020
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Language Services for Canada Before and After COVID

Translation Services in Canada

Last updated on October 6th, 2022 at 03:45 pm

Translation Services in Toronto, Canada

Canada’s Call to Action

“We have the capacity, the skills, and the know-how to help Health Canada, and any other client, meet their demanding mandates without cutting corners. There is no need to sacrifice bilingual labeling for the sake of expediting products to market. We can absolutely help with go-to-market strategies while ensuring timely delivery of all translations in any language. We even suggest expanding the list of languages for those domestic cleaning products which could have potential hazardous health risks to Canadians, who may not speak either official language [English or French]. Simply put, we are here to help the Government of Canada and support your efforts.” —Robin Ayoub, President of Association de L’industrie de la Langue, or the Language Industry Association (AILIA) to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, May 2020.

We love what we do – helping people with language services. JR Language, a translation company in Toronto, Canada, and a member of AILIA, is ready to help companies, universities, government organizations, and any other client communicates Government and Health Canada directives in any language. We can assist in the translation of documents, files of any type, apps, website pages, and signage to support the exchange of information and recovery during and after COVID-19.

Translation for Canada Saves Lives

During the COVID-19 quarantine, businesses, governments, and individuals have had to modify their methods of interaction to stay safe while maximizing productivity. One of the biggest ways we’ve done that is to utilize technology for remote interaction to our advantage. Even across thousands of miles and multiple languages, we need to be more connected than ever. The pandemic has propelled the need for communication, and an example of a language service that has grown is remote interpretation through Zoom and other platforms as a way to cope with social distancing and physical distance due to the lack of travel.

Language barriers are one of the most important obstacles to deal with at any time, but especially in a challenging time when multilingual communication is essential to communicate with every person at the same level and can save lives. JR Language Translation Services Canada is a local translation agency that wants to help small and large businesses communicate effectively in a diverse world to help companies and organizations get ahead and protect employees and clients with the use of language services.

Translation Services in Canada Connects Minds

We’re seeing higher demand for translation and interpretation in Canada than ever before, and we anticipate this to continue far beyond the end of quarantine.

Whether it’s translation services in Toronto, interpretation services in Montreal, or both in Vancouver, we can handle all of your language service needs. JR Language Translation Canada can easily accomplish French translation and interpretation, English translation and interpretation, and any other language combination required. If you’re in Canada or do business in Canada, we’d like to share some ways you can use language services to your advantage, now and later.

Medical Translation and Interpretation for Canada

Translation for medicine, especially document translation, is a crucial aspect of serving the public at any time. Medical institutions also use interpretation to help patients. Here are a few ways medical translation and interpretation for Canada are used:

  • Labels. In medicine, everything from instruments to medications are carefully labeled, and these must be professionally translated by a linguistic and medical expert.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must have the correct descriptors and manuals to make sure it is used properly.
  • Safety information. If something is caustic, flammable, or highly allergenic, the dangers need to be translated in no uncertain terms for anyone who might come into contact with it.
  • Directions. Medical directions may be communicated in writing or orally and making sure both are translated and/or interpreted correctly can make the difference between someone getting well and reinjury.

Government Translation and Interpretation for Canada

Governments local, national, and international have a responsibility to their constituents to make certain that information is relayed to them in the language they know best. This includes:

  • Public updates. For instance, requiring masks to be worn in public is an important directive that needs to be communicated orally and in writing.
  • Interactions with other governments are necessary to stem the spread of disease and require professional interpreters skilled at high-speed language conversion with perfect accuracy.
  • Interpretation services for public addresses are allowing governments to serve the public in real-time and later.

Language Services for Canadian Businesses

The majority of the language services we provide for Canadian businesses are done in English and French, Canada’s two official languages, though Canada’s diversity is growing and we also help with other languages like Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, Arabic, and many others. Here are some of the ways we help our Canadian clients:

  • Human Resources document translation is how our clients supply company policies to their employees.
  • Translation of training documents and interpretation of training videos is how we help our clients stay safe and in compliance.
  • Marketing and website translation gives businesses a way to make new connections and gain new clients at any given time. The internet is open 24/7, even during the quarantine.
  • Translation of safety content can help with compliance issues, and prevent injuries and lawsuits.

Language Services for a Safer World

The bulk of our services are translation between English and French and French and English, but we also work with over 100 languages. Please don’t hesitate to ask for your language pair and your particular need so we can assess and offer solutions.

We are a team of language specialists devoted to helping other people. Though often overlooked, translation and interpretation services are at the forefront of efforts to see us through these dangerous times. We help ensure that any language group can use new cleaning products and protective gear. We help make sure that students and travelers from anywhere in the world have linguistic support to help keep them safe. We enable organizations anywhere to engage in virtual interactions with professional, smoothly integrated interpretation services.

Call us today for a free consultation on our language services offerings. We’d love to know how we can make your world safer, more successful, and more fun.

Geraldine d'Empaire
Geraldine d'Empaire
Geraldine is a lawyer with +25 years of corporate and international law experience, focusing on cross border transactions. She is the managing director of JR Language Translations Canada.