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Making a Difference through English Translation

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Last updated on June 14th, 2023 at 03:55 pm

English translation services

English translation is among our most requested translation services. This might come as no surprise, as English is the 3rd most spoken language in the world with around 380 million who speak it as their native tongue. English is also the most spoken language in the US. However, the necessity of English translation Services are being reinforced in light of current events as many people around the world rely on translations from and into English for media content and notifications to stay informed.

As lives and daily operations gradually get back to normal after a world pandemic, English translations which include translation from English to other languages and from other languages into English will continue to be a critical part of getting businesses back on track and helping individuals achieve their necessities. Let’s take a look at what English translation can do for you.

Staying Competitive with English Translation

Online Competitiveness

The majority of internet content is presented in English, which makes it a critical language for doing business and audience engagement online. At the same time, this also excludes a significant portion of users who are non-native English speakers. This demographic could soon be your brand’s loyal customers, and your products and services might be what they’ve been looking for. If your website is solely in English, these non-English speakers will have a hard time finding your website and even if they did, they would have an equally hard time engaging themselves with the content being presented.

By utilizing professional website translation from English into the languages of your desired audience, you will effectively draw in even more potential customers both domestically and internationally. Don’t forget that search engine optimization is regional specific, which means a straight English to Spanish translation of popular English search terms might not be as effective. This is where doing the appropriate keyword research with the help of a qualified translation company will add value to your English into Spanish translation project. Finding the most popular search terms for the content for the particular country, be it Spain, Colombia, Argentina, or Mexico, and implementing those terms into your Spanish website content will make the multilingual SEO efforts go a long way. It is important to discuss with the translation company their multilingual SEO process how it aligns to your SEO in English and international SEO goals so that can be part of your translation plans.

Gaining by Understanding Your Global Peers

On the opposite spectrum, translation into English will also be critical to keeping your business competitive. You will know the amount of paperwork involved with forming partnerships or taking on joint projects with another organization. The amount of paperwork will likely double in both quantity and complexity when conducting business internationally and a slight misstep could come at a significant cost.

You’ll need to make sure your business is in legal compliance with the rules and regulations of another country. To ensure you’re in complete understanding of the laws that govern your specific transaction, you’ll need English translation of legal documents. Your team must understand the terms and agreements specified in sales contracts, which is achievable through translation to English for contracts and agreements.

It’s important to note that not just any English translator will do, especially when it concerns critical documentation pertaining to legal matters. A professional English translator, who has legal expertise in the subject matter covered in the content, must be used to guarantee compliance, and in turn, effective communication with your international counterparts.

Accomplishing Personal Goals with the Help of Certified English Translation

Procedures with government entities often require a certified translation of documents. The USCIS, for instance, requires a certified translation of any non-English document for it to be accepted as part of the application. Some of the most common documents that are requested include birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, and transcripts.

Certified translations are often required for use in legal proceedings. For processes like adoption and divorce hearings to go smoothly, a certified English translation of vital or legal paperwork are a necessity. The same goes for documents to be used in interviews, arbitrations, trials, and litigations.

Educational institutions may also require certified English translations of documents submitted by international applicants. Academic transcripts, diplomas, and certificates are examples of documents that often need certified translation to be accepted as part of an application.

Landing Opportunities through- English to English Translation!

There are many varieties of English used around the world, the most used variants including British, Australian, American, and Canadian English. While speakers of these different dialects will generally understand each other in conversation, there are subtle differences in spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, slang, and expressions that make each dialect unique. We’ve covered some of these differences in these previous blogs, Canadian English Versus US English and Localizing Content for the UK.

When conducting business internationally with other English-speaking countries, the subtle differences make a difference in how a message is perceived. If a document written in American English is not translated and localized properly into British English or any other English dialect, the content’s message will not connect with the intended audience and might even cost a business its reputation. English language pairs like US English to British English and US English to Canadian English must be taken seriously and assigned to a localization specialist who is fluent in both dialects requested.

Urgently Needed English Translation Services

We understand the impact of the pandemic and unrest has altered the course of many critical application processes. For many, getting a certified English translation is a top priority and it’s a priority that we can help you meet. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@jrlanguage.com or Request a Free Quote on our website so we can get your certified English translation ready within your required timeline.

It’s easy to dismiss or forget translating from English into English. It’s all the same language, what’s the point? It may seem unusual to translate into your own language, you may even think it’s just a matter of adding the odd “u” – favor vs favour. But as we discussed, taking the time to make sure your documents are translated correctly shows respect and friendliness. If you consider receiving a document from England that was not localized for the US, you would probably forgive the odd “u” in similar words. But if it was obvious that the document was just thrown over the pond (the Atlantic Ocean) with no regard for any differences in language, you might think differently of the people you are working with in Blighty (England).

Taking the time to make sure the differences in the language are accounted for can go a long way for building good relationships with clients, partners, and employees. Contact JR Language translation company when you want to be sure to make a good impression doing English Translations.

Flora Yu
Flora Yu
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