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Learning about the Translation Needs of the Mining Industry

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Last updated on October 6th, 2022 at 03:48 pm

translation services canada pdacThe Need for Translation Services in the Mining Industry: Toronto 2019

Our translation company had the privilege of representing the translation services industry at the PDAC conference in Toronto.  The conference was impressive, with three different areas for exhibitors and ample networking space. JR Language had a team of three translation consultants presenting language solutions at the conference. Our team interacted firsthand with companies in the mining sector from many different countries and provinces in Canada.

There were more than 25,000 attendees from more than 130 countries, 1,000 exhibitors and 3,500 investors.  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in a panel. PDAC is the biggest mining convention in the world and was a major story in the Toronto Financial news and Canadian news in general last week.

For this week’s blog post, we interviewed our attendees to get their impression of the conference.


What are your biggest takeaways from the conference?

Sergio: “There is so much new information. The exhibitors displayed lots of new ways to give miners the tools they need to find minerals and metals. We saw drones that map old mines in 3D, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), reflective technology, spectroscopic scanning robots that determine what substances are present, chemical sensors to detect dangerous gases, the list goes on. Mining today is less about digging giant holes than it is about efficiently extracting the materials that will yield the highest ROI.”

Doug: “It was exciting to learn about the new innovations in mining. The use of drones and UAVs, helicopters, and the scanning and identification technology that go with them was very impressive. There was also a large focus on environmental recovery and preservation during the mining process. These devices also give the miners a greater degree of safety than ever before”

Geraldine: “The mining industry is a strong sector in the economy that generates numerous work opportunities. The fact that the industry is so diverse requires the expertise of professionals like geologists, engineers, and mineralogists. These specialists collect data and issue reports on mining activity. They work with environmental consultants to make the exploration and extraction of minerals more sustainable. Onsite safety experts and technicians analyze data from automated equipment to detect minerals and evaluate logistics. Pilots fly helicopters to install equipment in remote locations for exploration. Lawyers draft and negotiate agreements, review property titles and mining concessions documents, and ensure compliance. Translators and interpreters facilitate communication in different languages with partners, employees, and clients for companies who want to reach international markets.

It has been an enriching experience to learn more about our clients’ work and better understand their linguistic needs in order to help them through our professional translation services.  The mining industry is present almost everywhere, with sophisticated technology and equipment to find and use natural resources.  The mining industry is in great need of translation services to strengthen relationships between businesses and nations.

It is interesting to learn that there are places where mining represents the majority of the local economy, creating direct and indirect jobs. Some companies have personnel responsible for supporting the growth of indirect jobs, with ratios of up to five or six indirect jobs per direct job.”


What were your favorite moments at PDAC? 

Sergio: “I loved all the gadgets, drones, and vehicles, as well as the presence of so many countries promoting opportunities in mining. It’s very exciting to witness innovation happening right before your eyes.”

Doug: “My favorite moments at conferences are always the wonderful conversations we have with potential clients. It’s amazing to learn about all of the roles and organizations that are involved in mining. The representation by various governments, software companies, safety equipment providers, investors, and all of the mining and exploration companies themselves made for a large and fascinating conference. The most impressive sights at PDAC were the huge drilling machines, all terrain vehicles, and multi-level booth displays.”

Geraldine: “I’m amazed by the technology involved in mining. At the conference, the company in the booth next to ours was a robotics manufacturer offering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones. Such UAVs significantly cut the costs of mining operations, among other applications like reducing environmental impact.”


What are the greatest possibilities that you see for how our translation services can help the mining and mineral industry?

Sergio: “Since mining is a global industry, mining companies’ services need to be communicated to their customers in many languages. From document and marketing material translations to video subtitles, we are already taking new orders from the contacts we made at PDAC. Legal translation makes up a lot of the material we help our clients with. These legal documents range from contracts to licensing to patents and more. Our legal translations are done by professional translators experienced in the legal industry, and certified so that our clients never have to worry about whether or not their translated legal documents are correct.”

Doug: “Translation services are going to have an even bigger role in the mining industry. From the translation of safety documentation, process manuals, and user interfaces on in-mine technology to websites, to Human Resources documents, legal documents, and contracts for businesses in any nation.”

Geraldine: “Translation is key in the mining industry because it operates on every continent and many sites in the oceans. Companies wanting to reach new markets require their marketing materials, equipment descriptions, and manuals to be properly translated. Clear communication is vital for developing relations between companies, and for guaranteeing employee safety and legal compliance. Mining companies must adhere to the legal standards of their place of operation, so their corporate documents must undergo legal translation for accuracy and legitimacy.

Interpretation, another language service JR Language provides, is used at International events like PDAC. Conferences like PDAC require professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreters to assist during presentations, when escorting delegates, and during exchanges and assessments of needs and negotiations. There were representatives from Canada, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Finland, China, Belgium, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Mexico, each with their own language and a need to communicate at a professional and technical level. JR Language is excited to help connect minds across languages and cultures so that we can both use and protect our planet’s resources.


Our translation company left the conference after four days of experiencing the trade show, enriched with deeper knowledge of the mining industry. Our team met with existing translation services clients and new companies that require multilingual solutions. Our representatives had meaningful conversations with potential customers and, after multiple exchanges, compiled a list of language service needs in the mining industry.”

As the images show, there were companies from all over the world and representatives from Canada’s provinces. We talked with the delegations in their Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec pavilions. The Manitoba Pavilion allowed companies local to Manitoba to exhibit and promote their products and services under a Manitoba banner.

Geraldine, Doug, and Sergio left the convention excited about the important global opportunities in mining and all the support that our translation company can give to improve their multilingual communication. We are already looking forward to going back next year to PDAC, the world’s premier mineral exploration & mining convention!

Flora Yu
Flora Yu
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