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High Tech & Healthcare magnets for translation Services in Vancouver

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Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 03:45 pm

translation services in vancouverCanada’s west coast provides a welcoming location for immigration and business

Whether you’re visiting Chinatown or Kerrisdale, Vancouver neighborhoods attract visitors with its local flair and appealing sights and sounds from all around the globe. In fact, while the city has continued to grow, the most recent 2011 census unveiled that of the 603,502 residents, Vancouver’s population diversity is quite broad.

  • European Canadian: 46.2%
  • Chinese: 27.7%
  • South Asian: 6%
  • Filipino: 6%
  • Southeast Asian: 3%
  • Japanese: 1.7%
  • Latin American: 1.6%
  • Mixed visible minority: 1.5%
  • Korean: 1.5%
  • Aboriginal: 2% (1.3% First Nations, 0.6% Metis)
  • West Asian: 1.2%
  • Black: 1%
  • Arab: 0.5%

What are the poles of attractions?


In the 4th quarter of 2017, Vancouver’s unemployment rate was the lowest in Canada, at 4.8%.  Compared to the year prior, that was an additional 18,200 people employed. From manufacturing to high tech, the economic growth has been impressive! Along with the global influx comes the need for translation services for employee manuals and training programs.

High Tech

Microsoft and more than 100 other high tech companies are drawn to Vancouver for 1 reason: Cost of living. A picturesque locale and reduced living expenses, compared to its urban counterparts, make Vancouver very attractive. Simply put, tech talent from across the globe arrive in Vancouver and require slightly lesser salaries to achieve the same living standards found elsewhere. These incremental costs add up when employing hundreds. Immigrants from China, Asia, Japan, and Korea as well as the United States find the region personally and professionally fulfilling. Professional translation services in Vancouver help these immigrating employees relocate with a degree of comfort, as Arab and Colombian expatriates search for apartments and homes, reviewing contracts and leases are often translated for their use.


For both consumers as well as employees, healthcare needs create opportunities. According to the Skilled Immigrant Info Center, the 10-year-demand is expected to increase by over 56,000 positions in Canada. While many filling these positions as employees have higher language proficiency, others in the facilities services roles, do not. Professional translation for employee agreements and training programs is a critical step to help stabilize labor force needs. For immigrant healthcare consumers, the ability to access language interpreters and understand instructions following a medical procedure also rely on accurate and professional language translation.

A Magnetic Environment supported by Professional Translation Services

In the same manner in which a magnetic field attracts “like” elements, the business and cultural environment in Vancouver work together. Nestled on the west coast, the geographic setting is pleasing to many. Employers find value in happy employees in nearly every career level and as those work together, consumers who are native and immigrant to the region find a wealth of opportunity. Meeting the communication needs of all these groups through professional translation services in Vancouver helps to continue a cycle of education and prosperity. This makes the city’s economy a model for other cities in Canada.

Geraldine d'Empaire
Geraldine d'Empaire
Geraldine is a lawyer with +25 years of corporate and international law experience, focusing on cross border transactions. She is the managing director of JR Language Translations Canada.