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Why would you need a translation of a transcript?

transcript translation is a necessity

translation services for student transcriptsWhy do you need Academic Translation Services?

Your academic transcript is the first impression that college admission offices have of you when you apply for a school.  You do your very best to make the grades that will get you into the college of your dreams.  If the next step in your academic career includes study abroad, you’ll need to have your transcript translated so that those schools have an accurate impression of your academic record.  This is where academic translation services come in.  To help get across the importance of academic document translation,  here’s a scenario starring you, the reader!

You’ve been waiting for a long time to study in Spain and the chance has just presented itself! Now what? You’ve been given a long list of things that need to be done before you even think about packing and you can’t believe how much documentation needs to be compiled. Your transcript, sure. But your syllabus to know what you studied in Shakespearian Tragedies? Isn’t it obvious, it’s Shakespeare, he’s universal, a rose by any other name and so on. But it was officially requested. Now what?

It comes down to two things:

  • You need to get your syllabi, transcript, and many other documents translated as required by the college in Spain. Once you have all your document translations, some of the documents will need to be reviewed so that the equivalency could be determined between your US grades and exams and what they would be in Spain; not everyone does A, B, and C or uses the 4.0 grading system.
  • To study abroad means living abroad too, so you can’t forget about getting other translations. This includes birth certificate translation, driver’s license translation and any other document translation that would help allow you to live in Spain, not just study there. Don’t forget to check with the various government agencies to make sure you have all the documentation you need. The translation company you’re working with on your educational documents can also help you with these if they need translation.

Academic translation is an important resource for students and makes a huge difference when it comes to getting into the school of their choice as well as applying for jobs. Students must rely on academic translation services to break down barriers in communication and gain admittance to education and careers.

Next, we’ll look at the role academic translation plays, what’s involved, what needs to be translated, and how to prepare for using this type of educational translation services.
Generally, academic documents are issued in the official or dominant language of the nation they are issued from. With English as a major language for education and business, there is an increasing need for academic documents to be translated into English from any number of source languages Students who are coming to continue their education in the USA, and people coming to work in the USA need to present their credentials just like a student who travels outside of the USA to study.

Yes, They need All The Documents Translated

The documents a student will need to have translated depend on the institution they are applying to, so it is always wise to find out beforehand what their requirements are. Visit their website and to be absolutely sure, and even call the administrative offices and ask about their specific requirements and certifications. The same tasks apply for any translations required by a government agency or employer a student will deal with. Each country and each organization dictate their own rules when it comes to dealing with the translation of educational content. Don’t guess. Ask!

In general, an international student with documents in a foreign language will likely need translated versions of the following academic documents:

  • Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • Exam results
  • Course records
  • Transcripts
  • Certifications
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Syllabus
  • Personal Statement
  • Curriculum Vitae

If this sounds like a lot of documentation, think how many classes these documents could be needed for. Be sure to use a professional translation service company to help you with your academic translation needs as it will need to be complete and accurate, which we will discuss below. Once you connect with a reliable translation company to help you with this, it’s likely you’ll have lost that freshman fifteen from the stress lifting from your shoulders.

What Are the Rules of Academic Translation?

  • The most important rule of academic translation is that it must be accurate and complete, including all the elements in the documents like letterheads, signatures, and seals.
  • The translated piece must be in the same format as the original to facilitate comparison with the original.
  • The translated piece must read as closely as possible to verbatim, due to the importance of these credentials.
  • Many times, a note explaining the grading system in the document can be included to facilitate understanding of the particular grading system, but grades should not be converted on the translated document- unless specified in the requirements. Grade conversion is done by another, separate agency.

Many universities, governments, and employers will require a ‘certified’ translation, which means that the professional translator or translation company must include a signed statement attesting to the completeness and validity of the document, as well as their expertise in translating. For best results in your academic translations, always work with a professional translation company skilled in translation services for the educational field and with companies that offer certified translation services.

What is Not Part of Academic Translation Services?

  • A piece of academic translation is not an expository work. It should not explain, editorialize, or expand on the original work in any way. A clean conversion from the source language to the target language is the only acceptable outcome.
  • Translation for education should not simplify the work in an attempt to be more accessible. It is understood that the reader may have to adapt themselves to the material and not vice versa.
  • An academic translation is not a credential evaluation of the original documents. An academic translator does not convert a student’s grades between international grading systems. The evaluation of the credentials is a process done by specialized companies in credential evaluation after they receive the translation of the academic documents. They will provide the corresponding degree received in relation to the degrees in the receiving country.

The translator cannot change the content of the documents regardless of any suggestion given by the owner of those documents even if it is verifiable information. Sometimes the translation company will need to contact the educational institutions that produced those documents to clarify content such as the names of subjects and level and type of degrees received.
What You Need to Know Before Having Your Documents Translated

Give yourself lots of time and plan ahead and make yourself a timeline. The translation company can let you know how long it will take to translate the required documents. This is key to ensuring that your transcript, diploma, and other educational documents are prepared professionally and on time. Here are several things to do to make sure you get the best possible result:

  • Know which documents your institution requires. It is better to err on the side of over-translating than to be underprepared. Rely on the receiving institution for instructions and guidance, they are the only ones who know what they require.
  • Know the level of certifications required: certified translation, notarization of the certified translation, or an Apostille of the translated documents.
  • Work with a professional translation company that is experienced in academic translation services.
  • Provide complete documents and make sure you are providing the best quality possible if you are sending scanned or faxed documents.
  • Factor in plenty of time for your translation project and always advise the translation company of your deadlines.

Translation of transcripts, diplomas, and other academic documents is an area where one cannot afford to take shortcuts. In the world of education, deadlines rule, and skimping on quality can impact a student’s academic career and job prospects. Poor quality work can lead to a student’s academic credit suffering, delays or missed deadlines, costly corrections, and lost opportunities. Time, money, and stress can be saved by choosing to work with a professional company skilled in academic translation services.

Find good professional Academic Translation Services

Academic translation is a field that requires care and attention to detail. Diplomas, transcripts, and certificates showcasing a student’s achievements must be handled with the utmost care. This is your academic career that is being presented and you want to be confident that when it’s being read it is authentic. It is vital that the translated piece read the same way in the target language as it does in the source language, and only a professional educational translator who is well versed in the terminology of both the source and target language in that specific field can make this happen. Only such impartial professionals can provide translated documents that will stand up to the intense scrutiny of schools, governments, employers, and other institutions so that you can achieve your goals.

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Jackie Ruffolo
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