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The Power of Phone Interpretation

phone interpretation services

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On-Demand is a key feature of services in today’s fast paced world.  Urgent business meetings cannot be delayed, medical emergencies must be handled immediately, and immigration interviews must take place as scheduled.  These are just a few examples of the types of requests we receive from clients who request immediate interpretation services.  In many of these cases, over the phone interpretation is the most effective solution.

What is Phone interpretation?

phone interpretation

Dual headset phone for hospital settings

Phone interpreting is a form of interpretation where language support is delivered over the phone.  It is a form of consecutive interpretation, and is an especially desirable solution when an interpreter is not available in person immediately.  It is also a most cost effective solution in certain situations.

An Easy to Use Interpretation Service

Unlike interpretation events where special equipment is required for a larger audience, phone interpretation requires none of the planning and set up time involved with bigger events.  Interpretation over the phone is easily arranged:  Upon you dialing the number provided, you and your client or colleague are instantly connected with a professional interpreter who is a native speaker of the language you need.

Who needs Phone Interpretation?

In 2013, approximately 61.6 million individuals, foreign and U.S. born, spoke a language other than English at home. About 41 percent (25.1 million) were considered Limited English Proficient (LEP). – from the Migration Policy Institute

LEP individuals make up a significant portion of the US population, and they need to be well served in their native language for a variety of purposes.  For instance, a parent-teacher conference can be delivered over the phone with the LEP parent, the interpreter and the teacher- all on the same line.  Imagine, in this case, how relieved the parent would feel knowing that he or she knows how their child is progressing in school!  It is one of many ways we can help parents of all nationalities become involved in their children’s education.

Other groups who benefit from over the phone interpreting include the following-

 Job Seekers- In job interviews, a phone interpreter facilitates communication between an employer and job candidate to help employers determine the qualifications and suitability of the candidate, and also to help the candidate understand the interview questions.

Medical Patients- Over the phone medical interpretation is indispensable for patients who have conditions that require immediate attention.  A qualified medical interpreter would be able to ease the stress for the patient, doctor and the patient’s family by making sure the doctor understands the issue at hand so a proper solution can be provided to the patient in a timely manner.

Users of Customer Service- A study of more than 400 U.S.-based contact centers shows that 34% don’t have formal support for inquiries in other languages. (Source: CSAProviding customer care in your customers’ native languages enhances their experience with and impression of your company.  You can make this possible by offering immediate interpretation over the phone.

Business Meetings- More business meetings are taking place between companies in different countries and time zones.  Both language and culture can be barriers to conducting a productive meeting.  Phone interpretation can be a big help in facilitating effective communication which sets the grounds for securing successful business deals- an impossible result if the meeting had been conducted in English.

In all of these cases and more, the phone interpreter also plays a role in putting the interviewees at ease in a setting where their native language is not generally spoken.

Contact us today to see how our user friendly phone interpretation lines are, and begin eliminating the language barriers between you and your valuable clients.

Doug Dohr
Doug Dohr
Doug is a Language Solutions Specialist here at JR Language and works with clients on a daily basis to help them meet their goals with Translations and Interpretations. Doug is recently married and bought his first house with his Wife Rachael. In their free time they enjoy Camping, Traveling, and seeing live music.