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September 22, 2016
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September 30, 2016

World Tourism Day

world tourism day

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Happy World Tourism Day, from JR Language Translation Services

It is difficult to imagine a world in which the travel and tourism industry does not exist.  Traveling was once an activity accessible to privileged people, and is now more affordable and a popular activity. Tourism helps connect us with the beauty of culture and history, whether we are traveling for business, family reunions or memorable vacations. 

This year the theme for World Tourism Day is “Tourism for All- promoting universal accessibility”.  This theme is also our core mission at JR Language Translation Services.  Making tourism accessible for all starts with being able to communicate with tourists in their native language, and it is through professional translations for travel and tourism that this can be facilitated.  From airport signs, restaurant menus to hotel signage, having even the simplest pieces of information translated makes a difference in a visitor’s quality of stay.

Each year, our translation agency sees a growing amount of requests for interpretation and translation services from the tourism industry.  We’re seeing the demand for accessible tourism as we work with hotels, resorts, cities and different forms of entertainment in helping them reach and support the expanding wave of travelers traveling from all parts of the world.  Here’s a current picture of what the booming tourism industry looks like:

  • International tourist arrivals grew by 4.6 % in 2015 to 1,184 million
  • In 2015, international tourism generated US$ 1.5 trillion in export earnings
  • UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) forecasts a growth in international tourist arrivals of between 3.5% and 4.5% in 2016
  • By 2030, UNWTO forecasts international tourist arrivals to reach 1.8 billion (UNWTO Tourism Towards 2030)
    – Source:

The United Nations World Tourism Organization is responsible for encouraging universally accessible tourism, by promoting tourism as an agent of “economic growth, environmental sustainability and inclusive development”.  Its core activities include support for tourism education and training, and promotion of efficient tourism policies and instruments. Members of the UNWTO hail from not only tourism associations, but also educational institutions and the private sector, and include 157 countries!

JR Language celebrates World Tourism Day and joins in the mission to foster awareness of the importance of tourism and making it accessible to individuals of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.  The opportunity to learn about cultures, traditions and languages different than our own is best gained through time spent living abroad, and globalization has made such knowledge a valuable part of successful international business relationships.  Let us make each visit a welcoming one for all walks of life!

travel translation services

travel translation services

Flora Yu
Flora Yu
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