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Increasing Access to Critical Information

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Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 07:28 pm

Translation Services for Government
Increasing Access to Information and Communicating with International Partners.

Emergency Broadcasts

When disaster strikes, it is imperative for government agencies to provide key information in the languages of the affected population. When Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of NYC; the NYS Governor’s office of Storm Recovery provided documentation on recovery efforts and relief programs in Russian, Chinese, and Spanish to ensure maximum distribution of information to its most affected citizens.  Document translation of the Storm Recovery Material helped non-English speaking residents of New York to be well informed. JR Language helps Government agencies to quickly respond to natural disasters and other emergency situations. Websites need to be translated and updated quickly into multiple languages to ensure the population is warned in time to take appropriate action.


Health tips and Disease Prevention

When major healthcare crises strike, it is necessary for healthcare providers and government health organizations to quickly distribute life-saving information on disease prevention, sanitation regimens, and safety precautions. This information is only beneficial if it can be read by the citizens we are trying to protect. JR Language works with our Government clients to ensure life saving information is translated accurately into the native languages of your area’s most vulnerable populations. Quick access to critical information saves lives around the world. We can help make this happen through services including document and website translation, transcription, video translation, and voice recordings in over 70 languages.


Public Service Programs

Many public service programs exist to help those in need. Housing programs, Food benefits, and other government sponsored programs are essential to those with lower incomes. JR Language works to help ensure those documents are translated accurately for easy access and understanding. This effort provides much needed assistance to those who are eligible and helps deter ineligible applicants from applying when they didn’t understand the requirements.

Communicating with International Partners

Our Government and NGO clients work on many projects with partners in many countries around the world. Although some of the key personnel who work directly with our agencies are proficient in English, it is very common that their teams do not have the same grasp of the language. For this reason, codes of conduct, instructional guides, and contracts are often translated to ensure 100% understanding of the expectations of each agreement. We ensure your overseas teams are well prepared to meet your expectations.  Fast and reliable deployment of multilingual websites and their maintenance are critical for global partnerships.


Doug Dohr
Doug Dohr
Doug is a Language Solutions Specialist here at JR Language and works with clients on a daily basis to help them meet their goals with Translations and Interpretations. Doug is recently married and bought his first house with his Wife Rachael. In their free time they enjoy Camping, Traveling, and seeing live music.