October 27, 2020
technical documents translation

Technical Translation Services Today

Companies that venture into the world of bilingual or multilingual technical content need to work with a translation services company that can handle the complexity of technical translation services.
June 11, 2019
technical translation for toronto

Translating Toronto’s Tech Boom

How can you capitalize on Toronto’s tech growth?  What is behind the expansion?  Where do translation and language services fit in?
November 28, 2018
technical documents translation

Technical Translations Decoded

Technical translations combine technological data with human skill by converting the content from one language to another, producing an accurate, usable copy.
May 25, 2012
Technical Translation

Technical Translation: Basic Rules

If you're looking to get technical translations, here are 4 elements to consider.
May 9, 2012

Oil and Gas Translation Services

JR Language attended the Offshore Technology Conference earlier this month.