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Spices Of The World: Localized Spices To Please Every Palate

Spices of the World

Last updated on May 3rd, 2021 at 02:34 pm

We live in a global world! Our world has become so small that, nowadays, we can find products from distant places available to us that we never thought about. We can access pretty much everything using the internet; we can communicate with people from around the world and see them rapidly through Skype or FaceTime on your iPhone. But, I still marvel at the fact that even in a highly globalized world, one size does not fit all. Differences are still important and they are what sets one market apart from another, even within the same language. After all, differences are what bring flavor to our lives.

Speaking of flavor, during  my last trip to Europe, I had a great afternoon touring through a store called “Epices – Sels Poivres du monde entier” (Spices, Salts and, Peppers of the World); a little piece of flavor heaven nestled in the middle of a narrow street in Nice, France. 

Localized Spices

As the store name suggested, they truly had salts, pepper and, spices from around the world. I spent more than an hour trying to decide what to buy from that unique and picturesque place. From Norwegian salt to Mexican spices, they had everything to please even the most demanding of the chefs.

The pictures we share in this blog post are indications that even food can be localized or globalized for everybody to enjoy. I also live a globalized life (we are 5 siblings living in five different countries (United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela) and often I find myself trying to localize it, either during phone conversation when the vocabulary is not a common ground anymore, even if we all speak Spanish or by taking trips to reconnect with them. Localization can be challenging at times but extremely effective!

Have fun traveling and send us your comments about your own experiences with localized and globalized product.

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Jackie Ruffolo
Jackie Ruffolo
Jackie was born in Venezuela and has a BS in computer engineering. As President of JR Language, she spends time researching new technology and productivity tools for the Company. She holds a certificate of Localization and Project Management- Localization. Through her many years of experience working in multilingual corporate environments, she understands firsthand the value of bridging language barriers in creating smooth communication that allows for productive and happy work environments. She is fluent in Spanish and English, and is a frequent contributor to both our English and Spanish blogs. 20 Years of experience in marketing Jackie loves nature and to be outdoors.