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Localization Services: The Key to Business Success

Last updated on May 17th, 2021 at 06:12 pm

Globalization has brought substantial benefits to countries around the world. Suddenly, the world is smaller and places that were remote and distant are now within reach. With the globalization phenomenon, the importance of communicating with people around the world has grown, and a simple translation of a document is not enough. For that reason, localization services have boomed.Β Localization is aΒ process that culturally adapts a translation. It looks for linguistics, graphic and numeric equivalencies among other elements of communication.

Marketing and Technology

The tech era allows companies to launch their products to any market in the world from day one, but this advantage also carries responsibilities and critical steps that need to be taken for the product to be successful. A successful marketing campaign will impact the demand for the product, and for that to happen, a sense of identification is necessary. The more the public feels that the product was created specifically for them and to satisfy their needs, the more successful a campaign will be. Localization services, provided by native translators, will help achieve this goal in the translated message.

English and Spanish Localization

The vocabulary used by people with the same language changes with country and region. Linguists have identified and used four major divisions when dealing with Spanish localization, and the same has happened with English localization. The best-known divisions in English localization are English (USA) and English (UK). But, we also can’t forget about Australian English and the different variations of English-speaking people in the Caribbean, to mention a few.

You will need localization services to understand and take into consideration the differences. For example, in Australia an esky is a cooler and a nappie is a diaper; in England a garage is not where you park the car at night but a gas station; in Midwest U.S. a pop is a soda.

JR Language has translators from all over the world to meet your localization needs. Trust our excellent localization services and your company will make a first-class, lasting impression.

Jackie Ruffolo
Jackie Ruffolo
Jackie was born in Venezuela and has a BS in computer engineering. As President of JR Language, she spends time researching new technology and productivity tools for the Company. She holds a certificate of Localization and Project Management- Localization. Through her many years of experience working in multilingual corporate environments, she understands firsthand the value of bridging language barriers in creating smooth communication that allows for productive and happy work environments. She is fluent in Spanish and English, and is a frequent contributor to both our English and Spanish blogs. 20 Years of experience in marketing Jackie loves nature and to be outdoors.