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Happy Easter from JR Language Translation Services

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Last updated on May 17th, 2021 at 03:12 pm

Happy Easter from JR Language Translation Services

JR Language Translation Services would like to wish a Happy Easter to all our clients, partners, engineers, designers, team of translators and interpreters who will be celebrating this weekend with their families. 

Easter is a religious holiday observed in several countries worldwide, complete with a variety of traditions that are both serious and festive-  from night processions in Spain during Semana Santa (Holy Week), Easter bonfires in parts of North Germany,  mass held in Saint Peter’s Basilica, to Easter egg hunts and decorating activities for children in North America and UK. 

In Asia, Easter traditions are not as prevalent around this time as they are in several  other countries.  However, members of the Catholic and Christian population throughout the continent do commemorate the holiday.  Asian regions that observe Easter traditions include the Philippines where the Moriones Festival is held at the island of Marinduque, and in India where Easter is celebrated with great fervor and festivity in Goa and Mumbai. 

Each country’s tradition is just as unique as its language.  Here are a few Easter Greetings written in Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese: 

Spanish Translation  Felices Pascuas

Italian Translation    Buona Pasqua

French Translation  Joyeuses pâques

Portuguese Translation  Feliz Páscoa

Easter imagery is also unique to each country and cultures within.  The adorable Easter bunny that we know so well in the U.S would be out of place in countries such as Mexico, France and Sweden.  For those countries, it is necessary to localize Easter symbols and images to fit their cultures.  For instance, an appropriate Easter greeting in France might include an image of Easter Bells or “les cloches” . 

Easter week also marks the arrival of Spring.  Here in the states, we welcome the rays of sunshine, chirping of birds and blossoming of flowers after a long period of Winter!  Have a Happy Easter and safe and healthy Spring. 

Flora Yu
Flora Yu
Flora was born and raised in New York to parents from Hong Kong and Taiwan. She has a degree in Accounting. She is fluent in Mandarin, and contributes a unique perspective as someone who was raised in 2 different cultures. She finds humor and opportunities to learn as she constantly searches for the balance between the East and West.