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Banish Anglicisms from the Spanish Language

spanish language anglicims

Last updated on February 23rd, 2023 at 01:00 pm

Banish Anglicisms from the Spanish Language!

The Real Academia de la Lengua Española hit the advertising industry hard, in an effort to stop the use of anglicisms in Spanish language advertising and marketing campaigns.  The goal is to eventually eradicate them altogether from the language.  

An anglicism is a word or phrase borrowed from English into a foreign language.  

It is common for Spanish speakers who live in an English-speaking country to use anglicisms in the heat of the moment. However, we must all take a few seconds and think about the correct word in Spanish and not let English words pepper our Spanish conversations. This is especially important when handling Spanish translations. Whether we are working with neologisms or very specialized terms of a given industry, we can always find the perfect word in Spanish or resort to a description when translating from English into Spanish.  

Spanish is an infinitely rich language. Let’s give life to our words by expanding our vocabulary and looking deep into our mental archive to find the right word to use at the right moment!

Do not let English or any other language overshadow our native language!   As a native Spanish speaker and professional translator, I encourage increased learning of the language.  In turn, we encourage you to stand strong for your own native languages.