January 19, 2023

The Role of a Translation Company in a Global World

What is the role of a translation company in a globalized world? It is to bridge and improve multilingual communication. It's more important than you may first think.
November 1, 2022
Technical Translation S ervices

The Value of Excellent Technical Translation Services for Global Businesses

Last updated on January 27th, 2023 at 02:04 pm Translating content for products is a must in today’s world. Since your customers are not contained in […]
May 19, 2022
marketing translation services

Marketing to the Korean Consumer Through Translation Services

Marketing is a vital gear in the large machine that is business. What are your products or services without potential customers? And how do you reach those potentials?
July 16, 2021
translation services text expansion

Managing Text Expansion and Contraction in Translation

Imagine your company has invested in a new marketing campaign. It’s been months in the making; the ad copy, the design, and the approval process. But after the document goes through Spanish translation, your designer begins the desktop publishing step before sending the document into your international market, and the copy no longer fits!
May 21, 2021
translation of subtitles

The Growing World of Multilingual Subtitles

As video translation services needs continue to grow for marketing, training, eLearning, and business use for multilingual projects, the translation of subtitles is getting a lot of traction in the world of translation services.
April 5, 2021
german translation services

German Translation for the Global Marketplace

German is one of the core languages that JR Language translates to and from every day. We execute German translation projects for websites, manuals, marketing content, video content, and more. German translation is an important piece of being able to communicate with the international market.
August 18, 2020
video translations

Video Translation Tips and Best Practices

It is important to have clear goals and specifications to achieve a successful video translation project. In this blog, we want to share some tips and best practices for video translation.
July 28, 2020
document translation and source files

The use of Source Files in Translation Services

Our translation company shares important information about the use of source files in translation services. Learn how you can save time and money
June 9, 2020
elearning translation services

Tips for eLearning Translation Projects in Storyline 360

eLearning courses are an ever expanding and evolving resource that is helpful for both internal training and client training. Translating eLearning materials open other options for the creators of the course and for the people looking to learn from it.