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Areas of applications for Interpretation Services

Professional Language Interpretation Services

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Interpretation Services

Language Interpretation Services: Existing services, areas and applications

Interpretation or translation?

We often hear the word “interpreter” used interchangeably with “translator,” but the two are quite different. Both centre around converting one language to another with while preserving the intended meaning. The disparity is in the application. Translation of any kind involves the written word. Interpretation belongs to the world of the spoken word. One is visual, the other auditory.

Within interpretation, there are also two different worlds. Consecutive interpretation consists of the speaker giving one or more sentences in the source language and making a pause for the interpreter to give the other parties the message in the target language. Its counterpart is simultaneous interpretation, in which the speaker does not pause. The interpreter must work quickly to interpret the words to the listener. This is often accomplished with the use of headsets and microphones, so the speakers do not drown each other out.

Interpretation services is an ancient and storied profession, requiring fluency in both the source and the target language, and experience in the interpreter’s area of focus. Interpretation services involve complex skills used under pressure, whether over the phone or in person.

Industries in need of interpretation services

Let’s look at some areas of business that use professional interpreters, and how their work influences the settings. This will shed light on the necessity of interpretation services in areas we often take for granted.

Interpretation of a business

Every successful business must maintain a high standard of communication with and among their employees. Companies with multilingual employees or multinational branches often rely on professional interpreters and use every kind of service offered. Business interpretation services, whether simultaneous or consecutive, with the interpreter on-site or working remotely, are vital for keeping the operation running smoothly. Here are some scenarios to illustrate this:

  • Meetings between employees and management. Interpretation services can be used for a video or conference call, for which JR Language is pleased to provide equipment such as headsets. An on-site interpreter can be used in meetings with multilingual attendees.
  • Employee training on every skill from driving a forklift to proper usage of equipment for employee safety. Safety training is an area where professional interpreting services can save life and property in any kind of work.
  • Human Resources and company ethics. Every business has a responsibility to protect its employees and itself from inner conflict and wrongdoing, but that standard cannot be met in a multilingual setting without professional language interpretation services.

Business to business interpretation

Business to business commerce is an often overlooked side of any industry, but billions of dollars, yen, and zlotys move in these channels every day. Companies sell each other parts and equipment or pass goods between each other on their journey to completion and consumption by the end user. Professional business interpretation services come in handy for dozens of situations, including trade shows and expositions. One or many companies may hold an event to show their products to foreign clients or travel to their prospects’ country to make new alliances.

Study tours and education interpretation

Sometimes the best way to learn about something is to see it firsthand. Interpretation services find a perfect home in the world of study tours. Trade organizations, sports organizations, students, and many other groups travel to sites of interest for research, business purposes, or simple pleasure. Professional interpreters can be found working with a group at historical sites, legislative chambers, and shop floors across the world. The study tour may be using simultaneous interpretation services with headsets, or consecutive interpretation, with the interpreter, speaking after the guide speaks.


In a medical situation, a language barrier is a terrifying obstacle. Quick access to professional interpretation services over the phone can save time, effort, and lives. Phone interpretation is available 24-7 with professional interpreters fluent in the language and terminology needed, or an on-site interpreter can be scheduled. Here are a few reasons why the medical community absolutely must use medical interpretation:

  • Medical interpretation services are vital for patients and their families. Being assisted by a culturally competent professional in their own language has a great calming effect and ensures that the doctor’s directions are followed so the patient can get well.
  • Medical interpretation is a must between doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. It helps prevent malpractice and unnecessary stress in an already stressful environment.

Interpretation services in real estate

A real estate agency can benefit greatly from using professional interpretation services. The market for individuals fluent in languages other than English is a fast-growing group with tremendous buying power, and a realtor who enters that market opens up new horizons for their business. The immigrant population, as well as second-generation citizens and onward, is also growing rapidly and has more purchasing power than ever before. The real estate market, both personal and commercial, is full of potential in the area of multilingual conversations that become sales. Real estate interpretation services can be used over the phone, or a scheduled interpreter can be present for large deals such as the sale of a commercial building or complex.

Legal interpretation services

Interpretation services are particularly important for legal services and the legal profession. It is especially important to use a professional legal interpreter as they will have a deep familiarity with legal terms and practices in both languages and will also be well aware of cultural differences. It is also extremely important to use a professional legal interpreter because they will be able to interpret the words while keeping the intended message intact. The client should have complete confidence that their legal interpreter is not bending their words in any way, whether knowingly or accidentally. Professional legal interpretation services are not only used in the courtroom, but also when taking depositions in the attorney’s office, speaking with law enforcement, and more.

Financial interpretation 

Financial firms have a responsibility to help clients handle their finances and major transactions in life well. Clients have a right to know what is happening with their investments, what risks they are taking, and what their choices are. Small and large financial firms must have confident access to financial interpretation over the phone for instant service, or to schedule an on-site interpreter. The need for professional financial interpretation extends to banks, financial advisors, investment firms, stockbrokers, and loans. As previously mentioned, the population and buying power of people proficient in languages other than English is expanding, and their financial guidance needs must be met.

A good example of an application is Telephone interpretation for insurance claims.

Interpretation in hospitality

Access to telephone or on-site interpretation services makes any travel agency, hotel, or resort look more intelligent, more upscale, and more dedicated to its clients. It only makes sense that an organization based on helping its clients see the world should be able to converse with the world’s peoples in their home language. A business that accommodates its clients with tourism translation earns their goodwill and trust, which will earn them rave reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, a valuable form of advertising.

Government interpretation

Last but far from least, the government is an area where we could not do without professional interpreters for one day. Government is unique in that it requires interpreters from all areas of expertise, blending legal interpretation with business interpretation, medical with financial, and more. Interpreters skilled in matters of government are routinely involved in situations such as:

  • Global summits where interpreters must relay words between heads of state with perfect accuracy. This is a perfect example of what high-pressure work professional interpreters do. The interpreters usually provide simultaneous interpretation with headsets and microphones, sometimes in different rooms.
  • Public service announcements, whether local or national. This could be vital in the event of a natural disaster or criminal presence.
  • Election services. Constituents must be made aware of where their voting locations are and their rights and requirements.
  • Municipal, state, and county meetings dealing with the infrastructure of everyday life. Live interpretation is useful for keeping such meetings efficient and productive.

Interpretation made simple

There is no substitute for a live interpreter who is not only fluent in both the source and the target language but is intimately acquainted with the field the client is working in. A professional who knows the correct terminology and the intricacies of context is essential, as well as their ability to keep the message intact. Many of the situations illustrated here overlap, making a human expert interpreter even more important. JR Language is proud to offer professional interpretation services over the phone, guaranteeing quick assistance, as well as help with scheduling an interpreter to work with you on site for simultaneous and consecutive assignments.

Sergio Ruffolo
Sergio Ruffolo
Sergio has more than 25 years of multinational experience providing consulting services and leading IT organizations in Africa, Asia and America, which has given him plenty interesting and insightful lessons to teach about global business. He is fluent in Spanish and English, in addition to conversational Portuguese. He has lived in more than 12 cities around the world, moving around and working in different cultures has left him with a real global perspective. Sergio is a real citizen of the world.