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Why You Should Have Your Website Translated

reasons for website translation

Last updated on May 3rd, 2021 at 10:48 am

website translation reasons
Have you thought about expanding your reach with website translation services?

It isn’t called the world wide web for nothing. Plus, it is a universal platform with a huge reach.

Without translation, you may be missing out on more visitors and leads by only targeting English speakers.

Even though English is the number one language online, it isn’t the number one language spoken in the world! Thus, there are a lot of opportunities if you target any of the other top 10 languages on the internet.

There are languages whose internet penetration is higher than English (at 67%), as is the case for Japanese, German, and Russian languages.

top languages online multilingualSource: https://www.internetworldstats.com/stats7.htm

Here’s why you need to translate your website – your number one marketing asset, the one that never stops working:

Why you need website translation services

We know that more internet users don’t actually speak English or use it as a second language.

Have you considered the benefits of catering to these people? 

For example, China has the highest number of internet users in the world. They are technology savvy and they like to shop!

So if that market makes sense for you, why not offer your content in Chinese?  If you offer Chinese content after accurate and culturally relevant translations, you could open up your business to a whole new consumer group. 

By making your content more available on a global market, you could find new customers you never would have considered before. 

It could help you make more money

Using Website translation services for your site could also mean higher profits! 

Here’s how:

Combine translations and the power of search and you will be ready to be found in other languages and generate more revenues. Adding localization and different currency options on your e-commerce website will open you up to international business.

If shipping is required, don’t forget to research customs requirements and postage costs to manage customs fees and other charges. 

It isn’t just going to help you internationally, but locally, too

Using website translation services to create a multilingual website is not just going to help you expand to other countries. It will also allow you to target those people in your own country, state, city, and local community whose native language is not English.

In the US, about one in five people speak a language other than English. That’s a massive 61.8 million people in the United States alone! That is a huge pool of potential customers you could be missing out on.

You will cater to consumers who prefer to browse the internet or use search engines in their native language. For example, much of the Hispanic and Latino American population in the US, which accounts for 16.7% of the national population, search using the Spanish language.

It will allow you to offer better service

Customer service is everything. But online communication can be misinterpreted due to language barriers. However, using accurate translation services can help you avoid this altogether.

If you can answer customer questions in their own language, it could mean the difference between gaining and losing a sale. Product descriptions, instructions, FAQ, reviews, and contact information all need to be translated correctly to avoid misuse and misunderstanding.

When your content is clear on your website, it can also help you avoid lengthy telephone conversations. But if they need to call for help, offering customer service in their language is a big plus, in addition to having multilingual content on your site.

It will help you to build trust

A company that takes advantage of website translation services to offer multilingual content looks more professional all-around. Potential customers may even feel the business is personalized just for them.

It also shows consumers that you care about them enough to put in the extra effort and investment to enable them to read and understand your information.

Be a company with a strong, trustworthy reputation – in the language of your target audience and potential customers!

It will give you an edge over your competition

By using website translation services from an experienced and knowledgeable Translation Company, you will be able to navigate the challenges of producing multilingual content and have a greater chance at global success by having that extra content that your competitor doesn’t have. It will put you ahead of the game.

More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of going international.

You could begin to build your reputation before your competitor even steps foot into that market. Being prepared will help you say “yes” to more global opportunities.

It could help you get more traffic

Opening up your website to different languages can help grow your traffic. You get additional value out of every article or description you write.

We all know the value of website visitors, and it is the goal of many websites to grow their traffic.

Why should you miss out on traffic just because of language? That extra traffic may go to leads and leads to conversions.


Important things to remember while embarking in Website Translation

Multilingual content is going to add value to your website.

However, there are a few things you need to consider before purchasing:

Be selective with the languages you offer

Before translating into every possible language, brainstorm which ones you actually need for your target market. 

Who do you want to target? What can you offer them? There is no point in paying for something you don’t need.

Consider the range of languages for translation which includes Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Start with one or two and assess how well they are working for your website. Note whether you have seen an increase in visitors or sales.

Which language is performing the best?

Understand how different countries actually work

Not all countries are the same. Many places have very specific laws regarding language, Internet use, and online shopping.

If you are translating something that is legally binding, you may need to consult with an expert before proceeding.  If you need a contract or terms of use translated, it is best to speak to the appropriate lawyer first. You don’t want to have to redo the translation due to misinformation.

In addition to international laws, there are different cultures that need to be considered.

Is your information going to be appropriate for the language you are translating to? Analyze and investigate whether or not your website, services, or products are meant for certain global markets.

It could be a costly exercise with little gain

Website translation services are worth the cost if they can improve your conversion rate. That is why researching your target market before proceeding with translation is such an important step.

If you are expanding to another country, follow up your language website translations with other marketing strategies to boost the effort. Let them know via social media, traditional media, PR, and advertising that you are there for them. 

Not to mention, you need to make sure you are crafting high-quality work. If you decide to translate your website, you want it to look and read professionally.

Does the translation match the message you are trying to get across?


We can help with your translations!

Translation errors are common, but they shouldn’t be! If you are looking for quality, professional services we can help.

We can even translate your website in real-time, we can use special machine translation if appropriate for you, or we will use human translation with the high level of accuracy you should expect if that is the better choice for your case. 

To get started, contact us today to make an assessment of your needs.

Jackie Ruffolo
Jackie Ruffolo
Jackie was born in Venezuela and has a BS in computer engineering. As President of JR Language, she spends time researching new technology and productivity tools for the Company. She holds a certificate of Localization and Project Management- Localization. Through her many years of experience working in multilingual corporate environments, she understands firsthand the value of bridging language barriers in creating smooth communication that allows for productive and happy work environments. She is fluent in Spanish and English, and is a frequent contributor to both our English and Spanish blogs. 20 Years of experience in marketing Jackie loves nature and to be outdoors.