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When Is Phone Interpretation Your Best Option?

Over the phone interpretation

Last updated on August 12th, 2022 at 03:33 pm

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At a moment’s notice, you could be faced with a client who needs assistance in a language that’s not your native tongue. One of your foreign partners might need to discuss an urgent matter with you that could impact the company significantly. A foreign patient could be rushed to your clinic with critical health matters. 

Situations are seemingly changing by the minute in our fast-paced world. It is our duty to ensure nobody gets left behind to keep businesses and individuals moving at an efficient pace. This is where on-demand phone interpretation services come in to facilitate clear communication. Whether you need it on-demand or arranged ahead of time for a specific date in the near future, over-the-phone interpretation could be your solution for quickly facilitating effective multilingual communication. 

What Sets Telephone Interpreting Apart from Other Interpretation Forms?

Where in-person interpretation requires preparation and coordination, phone interpreting is easy to arrange while offering you immediate access to a large center of trained, experienced, professional interpreters with specialization in a wide range of industries and languages. Another unique aspect of over-the-phone interpretation is its cost-effectiveness. With no need for travel or special equipment, the price of telephone interpretation is reduced to minutes of use and a one-time set-up fee. 

But be aware! For as flexible as phone interpretation can be, there are situations in which its use is more effective and others in which it is not. Before you make a decision to set up a call, consult a professional translation company that will take the time to understand your requirements and guide you in selecting the most effective interpretation service for your needs. 

Settings in Which Over-the-Phone Interpretation Works Best

In this blog, you’ll get familiar with a few common settings in which over-the-phone interpretation is most appropriate. As we go through the list, keep in mind that in each scenario, phone interpretation services serve to enhance the communication process rather than obstruct or delay it. 

When the phone is your primary means of communication, it’s only logical to use telephone interpreters to help you communicate with foreign-language speakers. There are many organizations in which telephone communication is solely used to render services. 

  • Customer Support Centers are essential resources in a wide range of industries, wherever services or products are sold. To ensure all customers receive the support they need, over-the-phone interpretation is a necessity at all call centers. Customer support representatives need to fully understand and respond to the caller’s needs in a way that only a native speaker of the caller’s language would be able to do. That’s why only a professional phone interpreter will have the skills and knowledge required to help support teams provide satisfactory assistance to customers in their native tongue.
  • Emergency telephone dispatchers must regularly meet the critical, life-impacting needs of members of the public. In such settings, each moment counts, and the slightest delay or error can result in irreversible damage. Having a professional medical interpreter on the line to facilitate communication between the dispatcher and non-native English speaker can improve the outcome of a life-threatening scenario

    The impact of phone interpreters in such situations cannot be overstated as their mere presence could help ease the fear of the caller who is already burdened with the reality of a serious situation. Knowing that there is someone on the other end of the line who can understand you is reassuring and an important first step to initiating reliable and potentially life-saving communication.

Effective communication between teachers and parents is a vital factor in keeping parents engaged with their children’s education. They need to be kept up to date regarding their child’s academic progress and be involved with their teachers in helping the student succeed. To ensure all parents can be active participants in their child’s education, over-the-phone interpretation can be made available to them.

Teachers and LEP (Limited English Proficiency) parents need to have access to phone interpreters to participate fully in parent-teacher conferences and get all their questions answered concerning the student’s academic progress. Phone interpretation services can be easily scheduled ahead of a set appointment date or on demand. 

During business meetings with international contacts. With remote work becoming a norm, more people are conducting business transactions over the phone. This is a particularly efficient method when you need to set up a meeting with partners abroad, but language barriers could get in the way of new opportunities. To overcome these barriers, the most qualified professional interpreter needs to be involved during your conversations.

The qualifications of an interpreter are especially important when you need them for business meetings, as there are often industry-specific terminologies and ideas that an interpreter would need to be familiar with. In order to ensure the telephone interpreter you use for your meeting is capable of facilitating effective communication, you’ll need to make sure you use a professional legal interpreter for legal matters, a technical interpreter for the review of technical documents, and a finance interpreter in investment meetings. For this type of call the interpreter need to be selected ahead of time and booked to ensure their availability.

The quality of your business communications in a global market is not something to leave to chance. When you bring the right phone interpreter into your business conversations, they can help bring your business a wealth of global opportunities in just a phone call. 

Multilingual Patients in Medical and Dental Settings.

Our language services company helps multiple medical and dental offices with on-demand phone interpretation services, so when they need to serve a patient that doesn’t speak English they can tap 24/7 into the service to bridge the language barrier for scheduling, dispatch instructions or the during the consult with the providers.

Eliminate the Language Barrier with Professional Phone Interpretation!

Being able to communicate and communicate well, is an element that will never go out of style. Clear communication is always a must and always appreciated. You know your business is where it is today because of your ability to effectively communicate with your clients, vendors, employees, and other associates. As our communities become more diverse and more global opportunities come, phone interpretation will be a critical tool for successful communication which sets the grounds for establishing trust or securing successful business deals. 

Contact us today to learn more about our professional telephone interpretation. Let’s eliminate the language barrier between you and your clients!

Doug Dohr
Doug Dohr
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