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Video Translation Services for Today and Tomorrow

video translation now and tomorrow

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video translation services

Video Translation Services for All

We’ve spoken before on the subject of video translation services and its functions, but we feel it’s important to do so again, especially in these times of quarantine and social distancing. Even when things go back to “normal,” it won’t be the same. Circumstances have left their mark on society in many ways, and one of them is the use of videos for more diverse purposes than ever before. We are proud to offer transcription and translation for videos, as well as multilingual subtitles and multilingual voice-overs so that you can get the most out of your video translation project.

Whether it’s video translation for healthcare, government, law, or any kind of business, video translation is now making a bigger difference than ever. What does that mean for you, and how do you use that to your advantage?

Video Translation for Healthcare and Medicine

Medical students can get a better education with video translation, as they can access knowledge from specialists around the world. Medical staff can use video translation as part of their training, and patients can benefit from multilingual video translation for instructions on device and medication use in their language. Video translation for healthcare, in general, can save lives and help reduce risks for many patients.

Video Translation Services for the Law Sector

Law firms can take on multilingual clients with confidence by partnering with a professional translation company for foreign documents, interpretation, and video translation services. Interpretation, video, and audio translation for the legal industry are used for witness testimony, expert interviews, and translation of evidence that are in documents or audio files in the discovery process. Legal transcriptions are important since lawyers and clients must count on high-quality translation and transcription in every language needed.

Making sure that evidence is translated by a professional translation agency specializing in legal content and fluent in the source and target languages, and can provide certified translations, is essential for the evidence to be admissible.

Video Translation for Government

Governments around the world use video translation services to provide information to their constituents in their language of proficiency.

In the United States, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires information and programs funded by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to be made available in the recipient’s language of choice. Video translation for governments is used for public addresses, press conferences, public service announcements, testimonials, records, emergency preparedness, and more.

How Can Your Business Use Video Translation Services?

What does all this mean for you? No matter what industry you’re in, using videos can make all the difference. You can use videos internally within your company, and externally for your brand perception, making current clients take extra notice and for potential ones to start noticing you.

If you deal with an international audience in two languages or many languages, you can benefit from the use of a video translation service company and all the options that they can offer you.

Video Translation for Internal Functions

  • Training videos for staff are an excellent substitute for in-person training, and necessary when the staff are remote, in a branch office, or are multilingual in a domestic office.
  • Videos are perfect for onboarding with HR translation. We use only industry professionals fluent in both languages, as well as industry terminology, for perfect accuracy. A good example is sexual harassment training.
  • Videos work for general communication. When time zones are also an issue, meetings can be taped and shared worldwide with employees, shareholders, board members, etc.

Video Translation for External Functions

We’re going to talk a lot more about video translation for marketing below, but for now, here are some ways you can use video translation for outward-facing content:

  • Marketing videos and video ads.
  • Presentations for partners, investors, and vendors.
  • Product descriptions, product applications, or product ads.

Video Translation Trends

A lot of Internet users don’t speak English or would prefer to use a different language if it’s available.

Video is one of the most commonly consumed media online and that factor is only growing. YouTube is now the 2nd most popular website on the entire Internet, second only to Google. On YouTube alone, 1 billion hours of video are watched every day. That’s not counting other video sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion, and more.

Hubspot notes that 81% of businesses now use video for marketing, a figure that is up a whopping 63% from one year ago. Cisco posits that by 2022, a whopping 82% of internet protocol (IP) traffic will be taken up by video. If your business isn’t already using video to its best advantage online, hopefully those figures will be an eye-opener.

What Kind of Video Translation Should I Use?

What are some tangible ways you can use video translation for your business?

  • Sales presentations. Once you’ve attracted those multilingual clients, prospects, and investors, you’ll need professionally translated video presentations to propel the sale.
  • Video training content. This can range from a company’s sexual harassment policies, customer service training, computer program training, safety training, etc.
  • Q&As and how-tos for clients, including product demonstrations, information about company practices, press conferences, etc.
  • Testimonials. Video testimonials are an extremely powerful method of advertising, and you get an even bigger boost to the power of a video testimonial with video translation since it can be easily adapted using subtitles in other languages.

These videos must all be translated by industry and language professionals to be compliant with industry and federal regulations as well as to be effective for their purpose and target audience.

More Benefits of Video Translation

  • Video reaches a wider audience. We shared figures on how widely consumed video is, and how it’s taking over words on a screen. With video translation, you get the best of both worlds.
  • Translated videos offer a better, more diverse user experience. Accommodating a wider range of people elevates your brand and enlarges your perspective.
  • Videos are attention-getting. Videos pop; they draw our eyes with sound and movement. Subtitle and/or caption translation gets your message across even when the sound is turned off.
  • Video is versatile and shareable across platforms. Sharing is free publicity, and the internet loves a viral video. One professionally translated and localized video can introduce you to a whole new audience.

Video Localization

Localization is the process by which a translation company helps to adjusts material, like the script for a TV ad, a press release, a slogan, and much more, for the location, language, and culture it is meant for. Making localization a part of your video translation project ensures that your video is not only correct but relevant, attention-getting, entertaining, and informative for its intended audience. Neglecting localization has resulted in many a disastrous campaign that made even the biggest brands look offensive or silly.

Your design and graphics must adapt to the new target audience, you can modify content to suit the taste and habits of the other markets you are trying to reach. Attention to detail must be given to adapt local currencies, measurements, and formats for addresses and phone numbers so it appears like the video was designed for the new audience. Also, it is important to give attention to legal requirements and regulations.

The Script for Success

Video is the best choice for hundreds of situations in which you need to convey a message. You can do so many things with video that you can’t do with text. They say to show, not tell, so show the world what you can do.

JR Language is a full-service translation agency, offering transcription, script translation, multilingual subtitles, multilingual captions, multilingual voiceovers, and more. Our project managers can present options based on your goals, needs, and budget. Contact us today to talk about your video translation services needs so we can assist you in the production of your outstanding multilingual videos.

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