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Hotels and Translation services in Los Angeles

Last updated on November 30th, 2017 at 01:35 pm

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As the only city in North America to host the Olympics twice, first in 1932, again in 1984 and now bidding on the 2024 Olympics, Los Angeles is truly unique. Geographically, it covers more than 470 square miles with the county topping 4,084! The county of Los Angeles itself holds more than 25% of California residents and it is well-known as being ethnically diverse. In addition, each year this rich, and cultural area draws more than 7 Million International visitors. The greatest number (more 1.8 million) hail from Mexico, with another million from China.

Mexico 1.8M
China 1.0M
Canada 708,000
Australia 421,000
UK 361,000
Japan 340,000
France 277,000
South Korea 296,000
Germany 236,000
India 116,000

Leisure, tourism and hospitality is the leading industry for Los Angeles, bringing not only employment but revenue for the city. In 2016 only this industry brought an increase of 4.4% in employment in this LA Leading industry.

Simply put, each year millions flood into Los Angeles for short term travel, business and tourism, and they all become customers for the local business community. Its diversity and the importance of travel and tourism are all reasons for business to employ the services of a translation agency in Los Angeles.

Hospitality businesses from hotels to restaurants and entertainment rely on repeat customers. One of the best methods to see that customers return and make good reviews is to make them feel welcome and satisfied with the Services. Providing menus, directions, explanations of services and signage brings aid to the visitors. Los Angeles translation services play a crucial role in helping the state’s hospitality and Leisure industry continue to develop and secure steady business.

Other major industries growing in LA include health care, education, fashion and business services.

The health care community, including hospitals, urgent care centers and dentists are all experiencing opportunities for additional revenue via travel into their surrounding areas. Even under the best of circumstances, when millions of people enter the community each year for travel, tourism employment, some become injured. Others have arrived with health issues that require immediate care. Through the help of medical interpretation services and translators in Los Angeles, every single patient’s needs are addressed with clarity and understanding between both patient and doctor.

Flora Yu
Flora Yu
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