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Translation and Interpretation Services for Houston

translation services for Houston, Texas

Last updated on August 12th, 2022 at 11:20 am

translation and interpretation services for Houston

Translating Houston, Texas

This week, we’ve got Houston on the brain. Why? Because translation services for Houston, Texas are in high demand, and we want to detail why. We’ve written about Houston translation services before, but there’s more intel to offer since this is a service of importance for the community and its development.

A city of over 2 million people located near the Gulf of Mexico, Houston has so much to offer the world in terms of culture, wealth, and innovation. Houston, Texas is a busy place when it comes to multilingual interaction and consequently it is a hub for language services need, now more so than ever.

Our Translation Company

When we help our clients with language services for Houston, we do so in dozens of ways, many with high stakes. That’s why we only use professional translators and professional interpreters skilled in the source and target languages needed. Our team of language professionals are also industry professionals with specific training and area of specialty. After all, in the case of translation of content, you wouldn’t want an accountant to translate a medical document, and you wouldn’t want a lawyer to translate a French confectionary textbook. Likewise, for your interpretations you will need a handpick interpreter with the specialties of the case.

Languages of present in the City of Houston

Houston is a multilingual city and always has been. As with the rest of the United States, Spanish is the second most spoken language in Houston other than English. The ratio of Spanish to English speakers in Houston is especially close, with 54% of people five years of age and older speaking English as their first language. For the rest of the United States, roughly 80% of people speak English as their first language.

About 38% of Houston residents five years of age and older speak Latin American Spanish at home, compared to 29% in the rest of the enormous state of Texas. Other languages present in Houston include Chinese, French, Arabic, and others.

Translation Versus Interpretation Services in Houston

Translation for Houston, Texas pairs well with interpretation Services requested for Houston, Texas. Translation is the conversion of words on a page or screen from one language to another, while interpretation is the conversion of spoken words and audio from one language to another. During a time of remote interaction and social distancing, interpretation Services for Houston to includes phone interpretation, video remote interpretation, zoom Interpretation, on-site interpretation, and transcription of interpreted meetings. Spanish Interpretation is the most requested service, but many other languages are requested in particular for the business sector.

Legal Translation Services

Legal translation is one of the most important services we offer for Houston. Houston legal firms often take multilingual cases that are domestic or international. Our specialty in the Oil and gas industry is second to none. No matter what legal system and language you’re dealing with, we’ll select the right legal translator for the case. A few of the documents we translate for Houston legal firms are:

  • Documents for use in legal cases, including evidence, testimonials, expert accounts, etc.
  • Legal documents for businesses. Employers have a legal obligation to provide employees with company policies and safety information and to post federally mandated posters.
  • Legal documents for academic institutions, like safety information, school policies, and certifications.

Legal Interpretation for Houston is also a service that is requested frequently for individual and law firms for depositions and trials, special interviews, Immigration appointments, and attorney client meetings.

Financial Legal Translation for Houston

We make sure that our clients’ financial documents will stand up to scrutiny in any language necessary, whether they belong to an individual or a multinational corporation. These translations of documents include:

  • Contracts. We make sure that every party understands the conditions of the transaction they are entering.
  • Reports for shareholders, investors, and board members. These detailed accounts will guide the decisions of the parties involved.
  • Business plans and prospectuses. Professional financial translation can make the difference when it comes to getting funding.
  • RFP – Request for proposals and proposals. In many cases, we translate RFP for companies to decide if they are going to participate or not. On the same line, we translate the proposals to meet RFP specifications. In a global world, those needs appear with frequency.

Medical Translation for Houston

When translating medical documents, there is no margin for error. Medical translation improves the care a patient is given, reduces readmissions, and is beneficial for the patient’s state of mind during recovery. With medical document translation, patients can also be sure that they understand the procedures, insurance, bills, and directions for at-home care. Some of the medical documents we translate are:

  • Intake documents. A patient’s symptoms must be correctly conveyed to be correctly evaluated.
  • Patient care instructions between staff. Translating patient care instructions saves lives and makes processes more efficient by enabling multilingual staff to care for the patient.
  • Aftercare instructions, such as how to change wound dressings, administer drugs and measure doses of medication properly.
  • Medical textbooks, journals, and papers to make sure that students all over the world can get the best medical education possible.

Academic Translation

Academic translation services for Houston are directed at students and the academic institutions of the city. The University of Houston receives students from every corner of the world yearly and offers multiple language programs, from German to Hindi to Chinese. Our academic translation services for Houston, Texas include:

  • Diplomas and other documentation of a student’s achievement in their native language.
  • Transcripts for proper records and to enable transfers.
  • Syllabi so that professors inform their students correctly of course expectations.
  • Textbooks and other educational materials like slides, lecture transcripts, and notes.

Certified Translation Services for Houston

What is a certified translation? A certified translation is a translated document that meets the legal standards of the country and/or jurisdiction in which it is being used. The translator attests that it will hold up to legal scrutiny in that area. Some examples of the certified translations we offer are:

  • Academic documents. See above for some examples of the academic documents we translate.
  • Personal legal papers. Houston, Texas is a destination for thousands every year seeking fun, education, work, and asylum, and all may require certified translations for immigration.
  • Legal documents for use in a court case, like the personal statements and expert accounts we mentioned above.

Getting Your Message Out in the right language

Our translation company is dedicated to improving the well-being of mankind by spreading knowledge and ideas through the best medium to do so—language. Whether it’s video translation to help Houston students learn, or medical translation to help Houston doctors deliver the best care to patients, destroying language barriers is our mission. A mission that is based in language translation services of the utmost quality. Contact us today to talk about your translation needs and get a quote. Check out our translation blog posts on tips for getting the most out of your translation project.

Sergio Ruffolo
Sergio Ruffolo
Sergio has more than 25 years of multinational experience providing consulting services and leading IT organizations in Africa, Asia and America, which has given him plenty interesting and insightful lessons to teach about global business. He is fluent in Spanish and English, in addition to conversational Portuguese. He has lived in more than 12 cities around the world, moving around and working in different cultures has left him with a real global perspective. Sergio is a real citizen of the world.