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May 30, 2018
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June 15, 2018

JR Language Translation at the SID conference in Washington, DC.

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Last week, team members from JR Language Translation Services attended the Society for International Development Conference at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington, DC. JR Language was proud to be a sponsor of this year’s conference after attending for the past two years. This year our translation Company wanted to showcase its Translation Services in Washington.

The conference gathers organizations that are focused on international development to learn more about each other’s organizations, share ideas, and discuss possible collaboration. This year’s focus was inter-agency collaboration. The three pillars of our international diplomacy strategy falling into Defense, Diplomacy and Aid, led by the Department of Defense, Department of State and USAID.

It was inspiring to hear the stories of how our agencies have changed their process of developing strategies for our international policy. Our government is collaborating with the three pillars to ensure every option is considered when working in a developing country. This gives great promise to the future of Diplomacy in the United States.

In the International Development Community, professional language translation plays an important role. Communication is vital for success as organizations collaborate with partners in foreign countries. Whether communicating project objectives, expectations of in-country staff, or creating public correspondence and collateral, quality translation services are key to ensuring the success of the mission.

At the conference, we met many NGO’s that asked ‘why they shouldn’t just use their internal staff to translate materials?’

When key personnel is tasked with translation work, the organization suffers from a loss of productivity and often, poor quality translations. Professional translators have techniques, specialty software, and experience translating these types of documents full time. With many of our partners, we save them time, effort, and money in the translation process.

JR Language is a Translation Company that proudly supports our International development agencies spreading Democracy, Social Justice, Healthcare Reform, and Education in developing countries around the world.

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Robert Kells
Robert Kells
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