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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

celebrating hispanic heritage month

Last updated on August 12th, 2022 at 10:22 am

Honoring Hispanic heritage month

JR Language Translation Services Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year, from September 15 through October 15th, we pay tribute to and celebrate the generations of Hispanic Americans who have been a positive force and influence in the US and in society. Hispanic Heritage Month also gives us the opportunity to reflect on the history, traditions and unique culture of Hispanic Americans.

The significance of September 15th is that it marks the days in which five Latin American countries gained their independence- Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.
The theme of this year’s tribute is: β€œHispanics: One Endless Voice to Enhance our Traditions”. This resonant theme was submitted by Aissha Hernandez-Ramos from the United States Department of Agriculture. In a statement, Hernandez-Ramos declares, β€œAs our history shapes our character; culture defines our beauty; and traditions will enhance our future. We will keep talking to the world, we will let them know we are here, with our history and culture, as we will keep raising our voice with all we are: a legacy of traditions.”

It has been a part of our mission to help the Hispanic community express themselves and have access to critical information through Spanish translation and Spanish interpretation services.

hispanic flagsOur Translation Company founded by Hispanics

As a company founded by a Hispanic woman, JR Language recognizes on a personal level the significance of engaging the Hispanic community and giving them opportunities to grow to their fullest potential. With each request that we get from Hispanic individuals for document translation services to apply for school and employment, we feel a great sense of responsibility in doing our part to make sure they have the certified translations they need to fulfill their dreams.

Honoring our Professional Spanish Translators

Helping us in our quest for facilitating effective communication and engagement with the Hispanic community are our skilled, hard-working Spanish translators. Most of these professional translators were raised and educated in Spanish speaking countries. We work with translators from Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, among some of the countries. These translators develop localized Spanish content that resonates regionally, and they are also capable of producing content that communicates to a broader audience through translation to neutral Spanish. Through our broad team of professional Spanish Translators, we have comprehensive knowledge and extensive understanding of Hispanic culture and Spanish language usage. Our Hispanic translators have helped our corporate clients create meaningful relationships with Hispanic audiences through Spanish translation services including website translation andΒ marketing translation. They have translated critical documents including those that are legal, educational or medical in nature. Our professional Spanish interpreters have provided Spanish language interpretation in bilingual settings to ensure that each participant is able to communicate with and understand each other with ease.

Based on the 2016 census, Hispanic Americans make up over 17% of the total population in the US making them the largest ethnic group in the nation. Over one million Hispanic residents reside in nine states, including New York, Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida.

During this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate the accomplishments and culture of the Hispanic community. As we do so, we recognize the journey that much of the Hispanic community has made to secure a successful future for their families in the US and appreciate the rich culture they bring with them. Let us all remember the strong values that the Hispanic community has for family, education, and art, and take the time to express our gratitude that this special community is a part of our melting pot of diverse cultures.



Flora Yu
Flora Yu
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