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Packing Bags for Spain to Attend Annual GALA Conference

gala 2015 in seville spain

Last updated on May 17th, 2021 at 02:46 pm

JR Language is thrilled to be heading to the very heart of Andalusian culture, the center of bullfighting and the birthplace of Flamenco music, for GALA 2015!

We’re delighted to have Seville, Spain, as the backdrop for this year’s Globalization and Localization Associationconference, a four-day event beginning March 22nd.

Seville is revered by visitors as one of the most charming and beloved places in southern Spain — a city famous worldwide for its culture, monuments, traditions, and artistic heritage.

We may even indulge in some tapas — those small Spanish savory dishes, typically served at a bar.

This exciting and educational event marks our fourth year in attendance. 

Last year, GALA took place in the transcontinental city of Istanbul, Turkey. Hosting this annual conference in different locations demonstrates its diversity and international appeal across various sectors of the translation industry.

JR Language is looking forward to creating new relationships, gleaning technical insights, learning current industry trends, and mingling with fellow translation companies, clients, renown users of language services, and providers of language technology.

No wonder GALA is often called the “Language of Business Conference”!

GALA’s Goals and Activities this Year

Their primary goal is to reinforce the vital roles globalization, localization, and interpretation play in today’s global marketplace.

With the rapid growth and ongoing changes in technology, it only makes sense to dedicate several conference sessions to translation technology:

  • “Bridging the Chasm
    A presentation on the emergence of a new paradigm that bridges the gaps between (the research and engineering communities) to deliver truly useful open-source tools to support the need for high-quality translation.
  •  “Travel at Your Fingertips”
    This session will explore the effectiveness (and lack thereof) of different travel apps and portals.
  • “Tools and Resources for Quality Translation Production and Research”
  • “Enterprise Localization in the Cloud”
    This presentation focuses on the adventures, failures, and successes when moving enterprise software localization to the cloud.

In addition to sessions on localization, there will be a few short presentations dedicated to interpretation services, the rise in its demand, and possibilities of telephone and video interpreting.

Please stay tuned for an overview of our exciting trip to Spain and our coverage of GALA 2015!



Flora Yu
Flora Yu
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