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Certified Translation Services in Boston

certified translation in boston

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certified translations in boston
In the book ‘The New Bostonians’, author Marilynn S. Johnson, makes a revealing point about how immigrants have contributed to Boston’s astounding development beginning in the 1980s. From 1970 to 2010, the city saw significant growth in the percentage of its foreign born residents. These migrants played a key role in re-establishing the labor force.  As this trend continues, Boston translation services become all the more important in helping these residents effectively adapt to life in this city.  

For the City of Boston, the 2000 Census showed the single largest group of immigrants originated from China. As recently as 2015 that title of largest group of immigrants has shifted to the Dominican Republic. The Boston Redevelopment Authority reports that more than 25% of Bostonians are foreign-born.  Not only is it a moving target but the contribution of each sector is different as their cultures are.

Likewise in Boston, Latinos were 68.2% of the population growth in that period. Latinos bring to the City of Boston a cultural element thru food and customs, a more diverse and productive labor force in every sector of the economy, and a richer social mix that improves all of Boston’s neighborhoods.

Providing Translation and Interpretation services is a way to help its citizens and visitors. That is something the government of the City of Boston takes seriously, as it is demonstrated in the website where the information is present in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Haitian Creole

As those generations arrive and work to assimilate into American culture, businesses and governmental services rely on translation agencies in Boston to bridge the gap. From product and service descriptions directed at customers to occupational training videos for employment, a Boston translation company can be called upon to alleviate communication issues and create a culture that increases prosperity.

This type of transition and growth requires a focus on seeing immigrant families not as “dependents”, but as part of the growing and productive fabric of Boston’s population. As people arrive and choose to remain in the Boston area, their needs become apparent to all. Some will rent, while others will purchase homes; Some are ready for employment while others seek out a higher education. Ownership, Education, and Employment require presenting documents for validation of credentials and Identification. Finding the right Translation agency in Boston to work with the documents that require legal translation services to continue the individual’s growth in is extremely important for immigrants.




Flora Yu
Flora Yu
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