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July 13, 2012
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A Sea of Languages: The 2012 Olympic Games

Last updated on May 17th, 2021 at 01:57 pm

With the 2012 Olympic Games just around the corner, London will become a true paradise for translators and interpreters. Yes, the city already hosts Wimbledon annually, which brings a considerable amount of players and fans from all over the world but, this is an entirely different playing field (and we are not talking just about the surface!). For almost three weeks, over 350,000 athletes and tourists speaking more than 300 languages will transform London into a true, modern Babel. 

The Translator and Interpreter: Their Role in the 2012 Olympic Games

This is where the job of a translator and an interpreter truly shines: they need to help athletes and delegates communicate with each other; write press releases so news reporters can inform their countries about the performance of their respective athletes; usher tourist, athletes and families throughout the entire event into the correct site where a specific event will be held; along with several other tasks. But, even when juggling hectic schedules and feeling slightly overburdened, there will be joy. Sports always bring out the best in people! 

The Hidden Champions

Not only will the athletes feel proud about representing their countries, the translators and interpreters working will too- for being the bridge that allows people to communicate effectively. These are our unsung champions—the all-around winners in our hearts and we, at JR Language, will be cheering for these behind-the-scene Olympians.

Jackie Ruffolo
Jackie Ruffolo
Jackie was born in Venezuela and has a BS in computer engineering. As President of JR Language, she spends time researching new technology and productivity tools for the Company. She holds a certificate of Localization and Project Management- Localization. Through her many years of experience working in multilingual corporate environments, she understands firsthand the value of bridging language barriers in creating smooth communication that allows for productive and happy work environments. She is fluent in Spanish and English, and is a frequent contributor to both our English and Spanish blogs. 20 Years of experience in marketing Jackie loves nature and to be outdoors.